If you’ve landed on this Melaleuca review, then you are likely surfing around on the Internet for guidance on the Melaleuca business opportunity. Whether you’re thinking about joining the company as a representative or as a regular shopper, I’d like to encourage you to go through the whole blurb so you can make an educated decision about becoming involved with the business. In this short but educational review, I’m going to touch on the company, products, compensation model and what you’ll need to do to give yourself the best chances of success.

Melaleuca is one of the most popular & well known companies in the home based business industry now. They have been around for 25 years and have grown steadily since they got started. In fact, they are getting close to hitting $1 billion in sales and, although the home offices are in Idaho, they are growing in upwards of 18 countries. Furthermore, they’ve accepted multiple awards over the years.

When it comes to their product line, Melaleuca markets different types of products in a wide range of categories. From health and wellness to home safety, they’ve got it all. Melaleuca’s sales strategy is that you do not need to change the buying habits you already have. You only need to buy the items you would normally purchase for your home through Melaleuca instead of where you normally shop, and in return, you’ll save a few dollars & be getting items that are healthier for you. I’m going to warn you that it sounds easier than it actually is to get people to change their buying habits. That being said, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy in place for your business. Their extensive product line includes everything from health and wellness supplements to weight loss products to household cleaning stuff to skin care products and even eco-friendly air fresheners. Furthermore, they offer an one-hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee to their customers so there in reality isn’t any risk in trying out products to see whether or not you like them.

The compensation model is pretty simple. And, even though there are some upfront bonuses you may earn, the real power in Melaleuca’s pay model is the ability to build long-term, stable, passive, residual income. This is done from building a team that focuses on recruiting new people inside Melaleuca and accumulating customers. The business will pay you on-going commissions for monthly purchases of all the customers that your downline gets through seven levels below you. If you’re aggressively & consistently recruiting additional distributors, that in turn are sponsoring other individuals & finding customers the same as you, your residual money may potentially begin compounding & growing like wild fire.

So, it is not hard to see that Melaleuca is an extremely solid company that will go on to grow. They have a high infrastructure in place, strong quality products, experienced field leaders & a decent compensation plan. Nevertheless, to in reality stack the chips in your favor, it’s essential to have a high converting, lead generation technique to help you recruit representatives and get customers. If you can spawn a consistent flow of twenty-five or more leads a day, you’ll never have a problem putting together your Melaleuca operation. On the other hand, without leads, you’ll have a very complicated time setting up your business, which in turn will stop you from attaining the residual income you want.